Instagram account of Lucknow lecturer Priyadarshani Yadav, notorious for slapping cab driver Sadat Ali shows that she is aware of her beauty

Lucknow lecturer Priyadarshani Yadav, slapping cab driver Sadat Ali , personifies the arrogance of beautiful women who use Instagram to show off their beauty
Though it is not a major event, Lucknow lecturer tall slim fairskinned Priyadarshani Yadav, slapping cab driver Sadat Ali repeatedly got widespread coverage in the mainstream media. This event personifies the arrogance of beautiful women, especially fairskinned women who usually get away with cheating, violence and lies.
A darkskinned short woman would not even think of fighting with a cab driver, yet when a fairskinned woman hits others, even the police will just watch.
Increasingly, companies and government agencies are openly rewarding people based only on their appearance with Fairskinned, tall, slim people in india being the biggest beneficiaries of the government racism
The hindi news channel News24 sent their correspondent to meet Priyadarshini at her home, she refused to admit that she was wrong. The TV channel then had two female news anchors speak to priyadarshini, try to get her to admit that she made a mistake, yet priyadarshini refused to do so, continued blaming the cab driver, who has threatened to commit suicide if no action is taken against her
The Instagram account of Priyadarshini shows that she is aware of her beauty, since she has posted a large number of photos, which are highlighting her extremely fair complexion, flawless skin. In some photos she is also showing some cleavage and includes the hindi media coverage of her
One of the reasons why the video has become extremely popular because a large number of indian citizens who are humiliated, harassed like sadat ali by goodlooking slim tall persons sympathize with sadat ali, it shows how badly goodlooking fairskinned people are treating others, doing whatever they like without being questioned by government agencies

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