Month: May 2022

Twitter charges between $0.5 to $4 per billable action, small publishers do not get paid for any click

Earlier the domain investor was getting some payment from infolinks for PPC advertising. In the last 4-5 years the revenues have reduced to zero, though the ads are being displayed. So the domain investor decided to do some research on why her revenues are zero, since visitors have some value.
She is using another ad network mainly for finding out what the problem is, whether she is not getting visitors, or there is a problem with the page views
One ad network is showing some clicks and page views, but she is not getting paid for any click, resulting in very low revenues and the paid page views are also much lower than the actual page views
So when there is no writing and no text link advertising work, she is trying various ppc/cpm ad networks, hoping to make a few cents weekly
In contrast despite 20% fake accounts, Twitter is able to charge $1.5 to $4 per billable action like a click,youtube is giving ecpms of $8 for video page views

Social media profiles indicate that siddhi is a powerful person at present in goa

It would be interesting to find out who siddhi’s present lover/sugar daddy is
Compared to others, it appears that siddhi has become more powerful because she has set her social media to private.
Earlier she was quite open, posting photos of her being kissed simultaneously by her boyfriends
slowly she has reduced the posting,her social media profile is private, indicating that she is becoming more powerful