Month: December 2022

Social media trolls leave “rest in fridge” message for Dovaleena Bhattarcharjee after her interfaith marriage

It appears that the death of Shraddha Walkar has attracted a lot of media attention and also people are very interested in it. People who have interfaith marriages are being harassed, it is considered a case of love jihad by some
Recently the TV actress Dovaleena Bhattarcharjee who looks very similar to sindhi scammer school dropout cbi employee domain fraudster naina premchandani married her Muslim Gym trainer Shahanawaz Shaikh
Since the Aftab Poonawala, Shraddha walkar murder case, in which the body of Shraddha walkar was kept in a fridge after the murder, was covered widely in the mainstream media, it appears that on social media, many people, especially trolls commented on the marriage , leaving messages, rest in fridge implying the the actress would meet a similar fate as shraddha
Some celebrities, especially actresses and models get married to their gym trainers since they spend a lot of time with them.