Cunning greedy Patel fraudsters now using Linkedin for trying to trap domain investor

After running the biggest domain ownership fraud for more than 11 years , finally the lies, financial fraud of the greedy gujju stock broker R&AW employee amita patel are exposed. It appears that someone is finally asking why amita patel should get credit, government salary when she is not paying for or controlling the domains.
So now the patel fraudsters now using Linkedin to trap domain investor
They have sent a request on Linkedin . saying that they want to ask a few questions
After being criminally defamed by greedy gujju fraudsters liars like parmar who are ruthless in criminally defaming the domain investor with their fake onion stories and cheated of Rs 15 lakh annually by the greatest gujju domain fraudster amita patel, the domain investor does not want to have any kind of dealing with gujjus, sindhis, most goans.
Criminally defaming, cheating, exploiting hardworking honest innocent persons is a game for the shameless greedy gujju, sindhis, goans, they do not realize that their victim will not want to deal with them or anyone associated with them in future

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