Anyone complaining about casteism on reddit is being downvoted

The indian internet sector is dominated by brahmins, banias and they are ruthless in cheating, exploiting lower castes, especially in karnataka. Anyone who complains gets downvoted, adishreesingh got 3 negative downvotes on reddit

1 hour ago
Bro I was downvoted for explaining the caste system and writing this:

The ancient purpose of the caste system was to classify people by how they earn and what they do

Brahmins were teachers and they earned by donations

Kshatriyas were administrators and they earned through taxes, this also included soldiers and Royals

Vaishyas were businessmen and they earned through profit

Shudra were salarymen and they earned through a salary and were the backbone of the economy and they still are in modern day.

The caste system was just what they called people by the way they earned money. You were not born into a caste, you made your way into a caste by what you chose to be and were comfortable with. You were advised to marry into your caste because you were aware of their way to living.

It was simple but today, it’s been thoroughly manipulated by people to help their selfish needs.

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