After her powerful boyfriends stole the retirement savings of the domain investor, haryana scammer mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge terminated the linkedin connection

It is increasingly clear that google, tata sponsored GREEDY SHAMELESS haryana fraud mba hr R&AW employee ruchika kinge is making connections on linkedin only so that her powerful boyfriends verma, sumit, puneet working in security and intelligence agencies can all rob the retirement savings of the person she contacted to destroy the life of the person completely
The haryana scammer ruchika sent a message asking for work on linkedin and the gullible domain investor accepted the invitation,. Then the harassment of the domain investor especially radiation torture increased, and finally the retirement savings of the domain investor were stolen without a court order cause great financial problems, allegedly by ruchika’s boyfriends
After the robbery was over, haryana scammer ruchika terminated the linkedin connection, though being an extremely greedy shameless scammer, she falsely claimed to own the bank account of the domain investor, to get a monthly raw salary at her expense, with the help of google, tata in her banking fraud despite getting a very good salary from the american companies where cia had placed her.

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