Instagram photos Goa bhandari R&AW employee sunny expose goa government slavery in the internet sector since she is not doing any computer work

Before government agencies accuse the domain investor of defamation, they should check the Instagram photos of slim dog owning Goa bhandari R&AW employee sunny, who google, tata PIMPs, goa government falsely claim is doing computer work, domain investor in a case of government slavery, when actually panaji shameless scammer sunny has never done any computer work
The gang of Liar cybercriminals hiding behind panaji scammer sunny are stealing all the data of the single woman engineer, domain investor and duping countries worldwide with fake stories of panaji’s most shameless scammer goan bhandari sunny
The instagram photos of R^&AW employee sunny (name changed) show her enjoying herself, she is not working anytime, there is only one photo taken in an office

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